I’ve been working on my lesson for next Sunday. It’s on h.e.a.l.i.n.g. and it has given me the chance to remember so many times when those I love and adore have been helped and healed and restored to wholeness.

When we are going through life we often don’t recognize what is going on as it happens. It takes all kinds of hindsight to see and appreciate our trials and frustrations as building moments. It takes stepping away from the moment and seeing back through time how many times our lives have been blessed. It takes the wisdom of years to appreciate and recognize the Lord’s hand in our lives and to know for a certainty that He was there all along.

I’m at that kind of place right now: Loads of hindsight. Stepping away. Wisdom galore. Yup that’s me. And all I can do is Praise the Lord.

Today I slipped into the Performing Arts Center to find a quiet place to pray for a few minutes just before Stephen was about to take a test for FMC. I wanted to pray for peace and strength and confidence and a clear mind for him. And I ended up pouring out my heart for all the bazillion blessings I have. I ended up crying and recognizing and admitting and acknowledging. It hit me so very alarmingly obviously clearly. I knew.

I knew.

No matter the circumstances, I encourage you to go forward with faith and prayer, calling on the Lord. You may not receive any direct revelation. But you will discover, as the years pass, that there has been a subtle guiding of your footsteps in paths of progress and great purpose. ~ President Gordon B. Hinkley

I knew that my footsteps have been guided. Gently. Subtly.

I knew that my hard prickly heart has softened. Has actually healed in some of the dark corners

I knew how blessed I’ve been because I was born to a family with the gospel intact.

I knew how blessed I am because of a strong Father and a soft Mother.

I knew how blessed I am to have  personal knowledge and experience with the Atonement. Even if only a few times. It is what it is. Real! Personal! Knowledge!

I knew how blessed I am to know, without any kind of doubt that the Lord’s original gospel has been fully restored.

I knew how blessed I am to have five wonderful children who I adore.

What a great [re]discovery!

Blessing number bazillion and one.

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