I’ve wasted almost the whole day. Originally I told Tracy I was going to borrow a wall-washer from the school and get all the smudges, cobwebs and grease from the walls. I was going to make my house smell like my house again. I plugged in the Scentsy.

Instead, I caught up on everything TV. I know you think that should say everything on TV, but I thought it would be cool to say ‘everything TV.’ Yah, I admit it, I try to be cool in my posts. Even though I am so far from cool that I’d need a taxi or Trax to get to C.O.O.L. from here. But still I try.

[I read several blogs that truly are cool!]

Anyway, I was trying to clear out my ‘saved’ things on the DVR. I really feel I have a duty to clear it out once or twice a month. So I read the description of all the Closer episodes I’ve been recording. Deleted all of those. Watched Law and Order, Los Angeles with mixed reviews. Watched Outlaw, with mixed reviews, and watched The Whole Truth. I’m having a hard time liking any of the new shows very much. Too much swearing, too much skin, too much violence, too little plot.

Then I watched the last 57 minutes of Robin Hood. I had rented it from Dish a couple of weeks ago and right in the middle of it [well, with 57 minutes left] the event EXPIRED, for crying out loud. I didn’t, at the time, even know what that meant. Believe me, a few phone calls later I learned all about ‘expired.’ It’s was not a pretty conversation. They made me feel pretty stupid for not knowing some movies have limited screening times.

I did love The Good Wife! It is clearly the best show on TV right now. Next to NCIS. Next to Gibbs.

After spending at least 7 hours with all of that, [wasted!] all I had left was General Conference and all of the little half-hour specials they fill in between the sessions. I watched Faith in their Footsteps, Latter- Day Dads, The World Report, a show about Church History and one on porn.

47% of all families in the US report that they have a problem with pornography in their families. Oh my heck! Forty-seven percent!

This s.o. caught my attention!

I remember when I was young I heard that in the last days there would be many plagues sweeping over the earth. I just didn’t know what they would be. I imagined wasps or snakes or bedbugs. Things similar to the plagues in Moses’ time.

I had no clue it would be Aids, adultery, broken families, porn, diseases of life-stlyes, addictions, obesity, laziness, apathy, selfishness, power, greed, money and even technology.

Given the choice . . . I’d take bedbugs any day. Because they can be fumigated and stomped on and maybe burnt with a match.

But porn?


I wouldn’t even know where to start. I’m sure I’d dig a hole in the sand and stick my head in.

They always say if you could put everyone’s troubles in the middle of a table and take your pick of someone else’s, you wouldn’t. You’d pick your own . . . what you’re already familiar with . . . what you have learned to cope with.

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