aye aye

When should you use I and when should you use me?

I loved English class all four years in high school. I don’t speak perfectly — far from it. But when I wonder what a word should be, I run it through my mind and hear my Mother’s voice as she taught me grammar.

Why do so many people not get this?

First of all, the other person’s name comes first, for instance it is not, “Me and Mikelle are going to the mall.” Treat it as though the other people have more importance to be named first.

For the right way, if you take away the other person’s name, you can tell which to use:

“Mikelle and me are going to the mall.” [SCREECH!] [Nails on the chalkboard!]

“Me (am) going the the mall,” that sounds wrong. So it would be “Mikelle and I are going to the mall.” (I am going)


For the other way:

“Do you want to go to the mall with Mikelle and I ?” [SCREECH!]

Take them away, “Do you want to go to the mall with I ?”

That sounds totally wrong, so it would be “Do you want to go to the mall with Mikelle and me?” (to the mall with me)

Does it make sense to you now?

Are you still confused? Here’s an easy way to tell whether you should use “Kat and I” or “Kat and me.” Ask yourself: if this sentence were only about me, which would I use, “I” or “me”? Use the same pronoun when talking about yourself and another person. Seriously. That’s the rule.

Don’t be offended. You know who you are. But this is a good example I recently saw in print: [It’s totally fixed now.]

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Kat and I’s project?

It should be Kat’s and my project. See, it’s Kat’s project and it’s my project. So there’s ya go. Easy as pie.

Now that that’s off my chest . . .

Seriously, why do I let little things like that make me crazy? I should check and see if there is a 12-step program for people obsessed with proper grammar. Oh, yah, I’d be there twice a week!

By the way, the word “alot” doesn’t exist. It should be “a lot.”

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