coincidence? i think not!

I cannot doubt. I will not doubt.

Again, last night it was drilled into my hard brain just how much the Lord loves us, knows us, is totally aware of what we need, what is going on around us, how to comfort and care for us.

It had been a great day. I went to the morning session of Conference. I loved every single minute. Around noonish I met Tracy, we exchanged vehicles, they went to the afternoon session and I took Fisher and Annes to Liberty Park and Tracy Aviary. We met again around 4:30 at Old Spaghetti Factory for our annual tradition of Spaghetti with Mizithra and Spinach Tortellini. Of course we had a little cake, Spumoni and vanilla ice cream and they sang Happy Birthday to Miss Keziah who turned ten this morning.

When I left OSF, I called Mikelle and asked if I could just drive up to her house and see little Easton. After all I was only an hour away and I needed to love on him and see his sweet little face. I wanted to make sure and kept asking if it was OK. Logan texted back and said, “Come!” I called Tracy and told her I was going there and she should come too. She hesitated, probably thinking it would be pretty hectic with five extra besides me. We didn’t have any toothbrushes, PJs, makeup, nothing. It was totally spontaneous. I fibbed and told her Logan said, “Come” even though they really were surprised to see all of us.

Here’s the totally amazing the-Lord-knows-all part . . .

Tracy didn’t have contact solution [remember this was an unexpected spur-of-the-moment visit.] She ran to Wal-Mart to get some. When she came home she was in Mikelle’s bedroom telling us about her ridiculous adventure — which is another blog in and of itself. Oh my goodness! Anyway, we were all laughing, ROTFL! Mikelle was pumping. She was chilled and was wearing a hat, warm sweats, big socks, and had a blanket around her. [We thought it was because she had just taken a bath and still had wet hair!] She was also sweating and she felt feverish. Tracy quickly assessed the situation and realized Mikelle had a severe case of mastitis. Tracy and Logan ran back to Wal-Mart for grapefruit seed extract. While they were gone her temperature spiked to 104 rather quickly. We forced extract in orange juice and Ibuprofen. She was shaking, crying, and was in so much pain that she was rendered quite helpless and defeated. Tracy made some quick phone calls to find a solution that didn’t require her usual essential oils and homeopathic meds that she didn’t have with her –remember we weren’t planning this visit.] Logan made yet another trip for castor oil to coat her breast.

You know what? Mikelle had been fine all day. She had some tenderness but was taking care of it. She had been nursing all day, probably cleaned her whole house, took care of business. She had company for several hours and was Miss Happy Homemaker and New Mommy. It was not a half hour after we got there that she became suddenly sick. Here’s the kicker. Tracy knew exactly what was going on, what Mikelle needed, what she and Logan needed to do, and how to nurture and care for her for the next five hours into the wee hours of the morning.

I would not have known what to do!

Logan would not have known what to do!

Mikelle would not have known what to do!

Our ‘spontaneous’ trip turned out to be exactly what God knew needed to happen. He knew she was going to be sick. He knew she would need help — lots of it. He knew she would need someone to take charge, to take care, to know how. He knew Tracy was just an hour away.

He did what He does! So very well.

This morning Mikelle was much, much better.

I cannot doubt. I will not doubt.