It’s Friday [YAY!] and I don’t have school. I did work a quick four-hour shift, 6 – 10 am. But that was almost nothing! I set up for a football breakfast banquet, cleaned the commons restrooms, did a couple batches of laundry [cleaning rags] and attended the staff meeting. I’m home now and ready to blog.

A couple of things come to mind.

My sister, Louise, used to teach a math class and during one section she used the principles of Probability. I think she explained to me that the theory of Probability is used to determine whether random chance alone or other factors affect the frequency of an outcome. She used dice to track the percentage of times a certain number came up, etc.

There is another branch of this ‘science’: Deductive and Plausible Reasoning.

Whichever you prefer, go with me now and think, what is the chance that I could back into the garbage can at the end of my driveway that I had just put out there ten minutes before?

Seriously, what is the chance?

That got me thinking about a few other anomalies:

What’s the chance that if I ran home to get my phone and Discover card, I would actually get back to the school without my phone and Discover card? Did that this morning. Mm Hm. Did that this morning. Thus, the post.

What’s the chance that if I ran to Wal-Mart to specifically get sliced roast beef for French Dips that of the $100.95 I spent, part of it would be on sliced roast beef. Yep, just did that last Friday! Mikelle: “Which bag is the beef in?” Me: “Beef?”

What’s the chance that when I get dressed my socks and earrings will actually match when I get to work. Oh, I’m not talking about the color of my socks matching the color of my earrings. I’m talking about having two earrings that match each other and two socks that match each other. I can’t tell you how many times I have had a black and navy earring when I got to school. And a black and brown sock. Dang it! It’s because when I find something I like, I buy it in every color.

What’s the chance that if I read a book a year ago I will recognize it this year before getting clear to chapter 15 and saying, “Hey this is sounding a little familiar.”

What’s the chance that I would not see a person for eleven-teen years and then run into them twice in two consecutive weekends in Sam’s in Logan?

What’s the chance that I think I broke my little toe and go to the Dr. for x-rays and they say it isn’t broken and then it doesn’t get better after three weeks so I go for another x-ray and they say it is?

What’s the chance that if I go to Wal-Mart and know I may have a small propensity for losing my car that if I write the number of the row I am in on my hand, but, when I come out I can’t read my own writing?

Ya, seriously.

What’s the chance that I would start a blog called weighing matters and write about losing 21 pounds last year, and this year gain most of it back and end up writing about things that don’t have anything to do with weight or eating healthy or exercising.


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