i can’t even think of a title for this

Here’s what I don’t get. Well, you know there are hundreds of things I don’t get on a regular basis, but the one that’s on my mind today is this:

I called Mikelle yesterday [one of our, probably, six phone calls] and asked, “So did Jordan like your cute fall decorations?” Her friend, Jordan from SLC, had driven up for the day even though she and her cute husband had been up the previous weekend, as well. Taylor held the baby the whole two hours they were there. Jordan made chocolate chip cookies and caught up with Mikelle about all the details of having an itty bitty .

So, this week Jordan visited again. They made enchiladas that were, apparently, to-die-for-yum! And I wondered if Jordan noticed the cute decorations Mikelle and I had worked on when I was there. She said, and this is what I was getting at, “Youv’e turned into your mother.”


What does that mean?

Mikelle said, “Mom. I’ve turned into you.”

She hasn’t. I can vouch for that. Just because we both like to have a few cute crafts around doesn’t mean we are Siamese twins. I said, “Everyone has crafts.” Surely! But Mikelle said, “Mom, kids my age do not have crafts. They have maybe one or two picture hanging up and maybe one craft. They do not buy a cute little black table to put cute little matching pumpkins on.”


Well, I think crafts are important. I love them. I love decorating and having little areas with things I’ve made or things I’ve fallen in love with at a craft store. It brings me such a sense of togetherness and a sense of satisfaction. I know, I can hear it now. I put things in front of people. I’ve heard that all my life. But I love looking through totes of stored seasonal stuff and picking out what I want to put out this year. They are like old songs to me. I think back to what I was doing at the time in my life when I made a particular item . . . like you think back to what you were doing when you hear a song that was popular back when.

Crafts define me. I guess that’s a sad statement if you think about it too long. [So don’t over-think it.]

My sister, Carol, loves them too. I love seeing her decorations this time of year. She has pumpkins and fall things which turn into Thanksgiving and finally Christmas. She has adorable fir trees and snowmen and all sorts of things on her porch and living room. I like to snag ideas from her.

Well, I don’t know what I was so worked up about when I started this. But I’m over it.

Side bar: The piano man finished up with his tuning and said, “Do you play?” I said  “No, I just use it to put three or four crafts on.”

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