laundry day, 2010

I’m just catching up. I tend to do that. The four-day school week is kicking my butt, so by the time I work 10 hours, drive a bus and score, I hardly have time to post, too. Plus the fact that I’m obviously not writing about my monumental weight-loss strategies and successes cuts down on the ol’ subject matter. Fridays thru Sundays I usually have a little more time so those days have become my writing days.

OK, here’s the thing. I’m not proud of this. But in the interest of full-disclosure, well, maybe not full, but certainly in the interest of keeping this a pretty accurate picture of my life [as I know it] [which, by the way, may or may not be an actuality or your reality of my reality] I wanted to talk a teensy-teensy bit about by bed. OK! I admit it, right here and now. I’ve not washed my sheets since September.

I know what you’re thinking.

It’s not that bad.

It’s not that long.

September was just last month. Right?

Oh. Stop. Wait. I’m talking about September, 2009.

Yep. I bought my mattress at Sam’s last September 4 when hubby and I went to SLC for one of his University of Utah check-ups. On the way home we stopped at WM and bought new sheets. [You remember the ones hubby thinks are silk, Tracy?] And today I’m washing them.

I know!


But here’s the thing. They didn’t feel dirty!

But it’s time. I admit it.

Hubby has changed his sheets far more often. I believe I’ve washed his, which he got the same day, at least six times. I am so, so ashamed at this very moment.

Just to make things clear, I do recognize the gravity of the situation and realize that if Oprah were to ever get wind of this abhorrent abomination she would relegate me to Dr. Phil for some serious one-on-one.

But, hey. It’s not like I’m totally worthless! I did have my visiting teaching done by the 15th. So there ya go.

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  1. bubbley girl Post author

    You are so funny! Sad thing is, I’ve done the same thing. Well, maybe not quite as long . . . A week sometimes!

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