not today, thanks

My daughter texted.

“Mom, how do I say I just want a day to myself?”

I gave her several suggestions:

“Sorry, today’s not a good day for a visit. I’ll call when I can spend some time.”
“No, not today. Another time, though!”
“Don’t make me lock my door! I need time to sort myself out!”
“I’m not having company today. Love you, though.”
“You’re a wonderful friend. However, I’m taking the day off for myself today.”
“Just me and my baby today. Sorry.”

I thought they sounded reasonable, assertive, not too aggressive. Taking care of oneself and one’s needs. Still being polite. But that’s easy for me to say. It’s not easy for her. She has a hard time speaking up. Saying what she needs, saying what she wants.

I want to call and see if I can come to her house. But now I’m totally afraid of what I might hear.

Why is it I always have the answer for someone else but am unable to work out my own life? How is it I can find the exact words to say in a given situation right after the moment is over? I rehearse and plan and practice for what I would have said. Sometimes I even tell people what I said — making up most of it to sound better. My lips are always moving in pretend conversations [And you know you do it too! Everywhere I look people are having animated conversations with themselves — especially at stop lights! They are either talking a mile-a-minute to themselves or picking their nose!]

How about: “It’s Friday. It’s My Day!” It even rhymes.