o K then

I was scoring for the middle school A and B volleyball games last night and as I looked over the roster of eligible girls I noticed that 11 of the 15 girls’ names from the visiting team started with K. A quick after-glance at our own roster registered a mere 9 of the 14 girls listed began with K as well. Holy Cow! Twenty out of twenty nine names!

I’ve always known, well recently known at least, that there is an abundance of names that are created by taking a known name, like Taylor, and changing the first letter to a K and, p.o.o.f., as if by magic, a new, unique and incredibly ‘cool’ name emerges. Yes, there were two girls named Kaylor on the Kemmerer team!

Years ago there were a mother daughter duo named Kendra and Konra in our little town. I believe they single handendly started the whole ‘K’ phenomenon. And don’t forget how many names that used to start with C now start with K: Kourtney, Kami, Kamille, Kory, Kadence, Kasper, Kerry, Kolby, Kristian, Kasey, Kameron.

I looked up some popular name lists and saw that there are over 125 girls names listed that start with K for girls and over 90 for boys. *

Seriously? Kyrene? Kynton? Kinthia? Kwanita? Kumiko? Koto?

[I do apologize if these are any of your special names.]

*Just one more way I can avoid writing about my weight.

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  1. tracy

    I love, love, love her name, but I seriously hate that K names are so popular and people see her as just another one of those K names.

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