power of words

I woke up before 4:00 a.m. because the wind was howling and I could hear the pellets against the window. When I looked out it was totally white and everything was horizontal. Trees were laying down and branches were broken off. Crap. It snowed. And I needed to get moving so I could plow up at the school. I had heard we might be getting snow on Sunday or Monday but I thought maybe an inch or so . . . not this monstrous storm I saw in the moonlight. I was ready by 4:25 and headed outside. Scraping my windshield was near impossible because of the hard freeze on top of the super-wet snow. It was so heavy! By the time I got to the highway, the snowplows had been there and had also laid down a thin layer of sand so driving was easy.

Rein was already plowing the parking lot and by the looks of things had been there for at least a half hour. I like to get the sidewalks done before him so that he can plow away what I scrape over to the edge. But he was the early bird and I, well, just wasn’t this time. I shoveled all the entries and the Sports Hallway area. The snow was so heavy I could only do half a shovel full at a time and I had to keep my knees bent so it didn’t hurt my back. I salted five entries and then went to look for the BobCat.

No blade. The fork-lift was still on there.

No window. It was still off from summer work.

Crap. Crap. Crap!

It was going to be a long morning of shoveling two miles of sidewalks. And I was by myself because my friend and co-worker, Becky, went to LV to see Cher in concert for her birthday.

At 7:30 Brian finally brought over the BobCat and asked if I could move the snow off the rest of the sidewalks. I could and I would. It took about an hour to plow and salt. When I came in I shook off, blew dry my hair, started getting some of my work done that I was w.a.y. behind on [because I just worked four hours on snow!] and I went to check my emails for a second.

WOW. This from a co-worker. A para.

I couldn’t believe that the walkway to my outside door from my car was snowcovered. Can this be taken care of before someone gets hurt or sends you a very nasty email?

It’s amazing how quickly my day turned from feeling like some kind of hard-working, near-super hero, to feeling like crap.

Of course, I immediately looked for something to eat.

Just like that I was reduced to a pee-on.

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