sugar n spice

I haven’t been to my favorite craft store in quite a spell. Well, Tracy and I did go one day but we just looked — didn’t buy a thing! I think it was the hair fiasco day. [I don’t know what else to call that day. We’ve all started referring to it by the same name.]

One day I was making the trip from Idaho Falls and I drove the back way through Star Valley [never to be known as a short cut] to go through Logan to stop at the craft store. Closed! It was the fifth of July — a legal holiday. Ugh!

And the last two times I was here I didn’t have shopping on my mind at all, since itty bitty was born and we had a house full of company at Mikelle’s.

So, as soon as I got to Logan yesterday, we visited, had some lunch, and I popped the question. Do you want to go to the craft store?

Many dollars later we were back home, had the autumn crafts displayed and dinner going. Then a little snooze while watching Friday Night Lights, and off to bed.

Thanks guys for letting me drop in and intrude on your privacy just one more time.

And by the way, I’ve eaten dang healthy for four days, bleached my teeth twice, stared reading a chapter book, made visiting teaching appointments, and weighed 149 two days in a row! With all it’s ups and downs, there’s not a good substitute for life as I know it.

Sugar and spice, indeed!

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