Finally got the bathroom on the “to-done” list!

The piano cleaner/tuner/repairman is coming on Wednesday and I made a list of things that had to be done before then.

1. take down the spring and summer crafts [gee, ya think?]
2. thoroughly clean the living room
3. clean the bathroom and find out where the heck the smell is coming from
4. clean behind and around the piano

So far so good. To-done, to-done, to-done. One more to go.

[The smell: oh my good heck. Either someone p**d in the bathroom garbage or I forgot to empty the garbage after I fished the cauliflower out of the toilet.]

I know. I know. This stuff does not belong on a blog!

Once again, I had totally overestimated how long it would take and underestimated how much I would enjoy the final result! I have got to remember!