my kind

It’s my kind of day!

I went to bed at 8:00 last night. Woke up refreshed!

When I went outside to drive to work at 4:45 a.m. I saw that it’s almost a full moon, the Big Dipper is standing straight up in the northeastern sky. Orion is totally beautiful, bold, majestic in the southwest and I saw a shooting star as I went up the Dugway.

I kept thinking, this is a  momentous day! Make the most of it!

Then I remembered it’s my Dad’s 94th birthday. October 20, 1916.

And I was somehow motivated to exercise this morning. I thought, “Enough!”

Enough of laziness.

Enough of excuses.

Enough of wearing Mikelle’s maternity clothes and thinking they look cute on me!

Enough of eating way past the time to be eating.

Enough of sugar and white flour.

Enough of not drinking a drop of life-giving water in a whole day!

Enough of not taking care of taking care.

Enough of my face looking like a shrunken-dried-apple-bobble-head.

It’s my kind of day.

I’ll let you know later if I followed through on this totally magnificent realization.

4 thoughts on “my kind

  1. tracy

    Woohoo! I love days that start out that way. We are having a good day over here as well! The suburban was loaded last night for iFamily, Blythe is already dressed at 7:08, and I am sitting here drinking my 1st quart of water for the day. Now, if I can just remember to be true to myself, patient with my children, and inspiring to my students, all will be well.

  2. Mom

    You are amazing! I totally count you as my most important blessing of all! [Seriously? Blythe is already dressed?!]

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