mom, it’s for you . . .

I’m in the mood to do a Christmas Craft. My friend, Trish, saw something at the Swiss Days craft show in Meridian and she told me about it. I said, “Did you buy one?” She said, “No, I just thought if I explained it to you, you’d make it and then I’d copy yours.


So I’ve got the vinyl ordered and will pick it up on Friday after my mammogram and my appointment with Dr. Edgar Allen [Seriously? Does that border on child abuse? It’s as bad as the girl who grew up here named Holly Wood. Oh, and we have Chuck Hole and Justin Case.]


He’s a dermatologist and I’m getting some worrisome things burnt off my back. And since I’ll be in Ogden, I’ll probably stop at Quilted Bear. [Gee, yah think?]

Then off to Logan to pick up Mikelle and Gibbs [oops, Easton] and we’re heading to Rigby. And since I’ll be near Sugar and Spice, I’ll probably stop in.

And what’s the chance I’ll head to Mini Bazaar in Idaho Falls?

Yes, I’m in the mood.

Not really in the mood for Thanksgiving and Christmas, just in the mood to make something. I know it’s sick. I have totes and totes of crafts and you know how the saying goes: “You can never get enough of what you don’t need!”

I was talking to Fisher this morning and asked if he needed me to bring anything when I came and he said he couldn’t think of anything but maybe we could go shopping while I was there. I said, “Sure if you want to go to a craft store with me.” He said, “Mom, it’s for you . . .”

4 thoughts on “mom, it’s for you . . .

  1. tracy Post author

    Did that really happen? What did he tell you tonight on the phone about Annesley? He went upstairs to his room so none of us could hear him.

  2. Mom

    He also told me she might like a book with something written in the front. “My Mama and Papa always give her a book like that. That would be a good thing to get her for her birthday!”

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