Why greens are the best ever [according to Liz . . .]

Change this one thing in your day and change your life!

Greens are the most perfect, nourishing, disease-preventing food on the planet:

40% protein
improves digestion with all that healthy fiber
mops up cancer-causing free radicals

Green smoothies help get our nutrient ratios right:

80% carb
10% protein
10% fats

Super easy, fast, affordable, natural way to quadruple [or more] your nutritional intake the way God intended.

So here’s the thing. When I did Weight Watchers, when I did the healthy food pyramid, when I did Adkins, when I did diet pills, when I did Diet Center, when I did any kind of maintenance, when I did anything . . . and I came to the part that says “5-6 fruits and veggies per day” I always, ALWAYS ate 5-6 fruits a day and maybe one vegetable. I know it raises my blood sugar levels even though it is “all fructose.” I know I still have lots of cravings because my blood sugar levels are elevated. So, it doesn’t take a Vita-Mix salesman [or a rocket scientist] to know it’s pretty self-defeating to try to lose weight and eat all that dang fruit.

I love fruit!

But something’s gotta change. I’ve been at the same weight for about four months now and I’m pretty messed up. My metabolism is at a standstill and I’m having a hard time being motivated about anything f.o.o.d. These past four days have been an eye opener to me and for right now, I’m going to keep drinking green until my blood sugar decreases and I can make sense of my weight struggles.

Bottoms up!