Home from the hills!

Well, home from Thanksgiving week at Tracy’s. What a time we had! From the driving on horrendous roads and with limited visibility to only eating about one-fourth of all the food we made. From more dishes than I’ve ever seen in a six-day period to laughing my head off. From playing Rook for HOURS to holding Easton not nearly long enough.

A great week!

We made several excursions into town but decided to skip the early-morning crazy-day shopping on Friday. We did go later in the day and made some great buys at Kohl’s. It felt so good to just sleep in Friday morning and not worry about getting the best deal on everything I still need to shop for.

Mikelle asked me the very best part of the week — for me– and I had to think for a few minutes. I decided that preparing Thanksgiving dinner was the bestest! Scott and Cam were scrubbing and cutting the potatoes. Tracy and I were making salads, the turkey smelled so delicious and the stuffing and gravy turned out good. Everyone was helping move tables from downstairs, setting them, pitching in to share the load. I heard children laughing and playing and pretending. I saw all my grown children in the same room, talking as if we weren’t totally devastated by some of my actions and choices early on. I looked around so many times and just enjoyed all the moments being surrounded by the people I love and feeling all cozy and warm inside. I swear, it was so close to perfect, we could have written a country-western song! Right there! Twang, twang!

And as Mikelle summed up perfectly . . . it took about six hours to make everything and only about a half-hour to eat it. Not to worry though. We started in on the five pies and two gallons of ice cream very shortly afterward.

I know everyone’s Thanksgiving stories are all very similar to ours: Hours of driving. Lot’s of shopping. More hours of cooking. Games. Laughing. Enjoying. Eating. But it’s so wonderful to know that ours was tailor-made for us. It was just what we all needed to renew, refresh and remind ourselves exactly what life is for and what’s important . . . and what’s not.

Thank you so much, Tracy, for opening your heart and home to all us hooligans and sharing everything you have to make us feel welcome, comfortable, cozy and so very happy.

I love you!