It’s Friday and I only have to work a few hours [and I’ll go in to work at the school later in the day] so I’m starting the day off cleaning [or at least blogging about cleaning. That’s got to count for something, right?]

I have to get my bedroom cleaned.

I know, I know. I said I was going to do that the other day, but today I’m going to. Now, I have a plan and I’m going to actually stick to it. I’m not going to pull everything apart first. I’m not going to unload the whole closet on top of the mess I already have. I’m, instead, going to clean up everything. EVERYTHING  — make the bed, clean off the dressers, vacuum, dust, and THEN clean out the closet.

Yah, I’ve seen the other method before and it doesn’t work.

Usually, I get everything pulled apart with the intention of cleaning it all up and getting it all back together and then I either fall to the floor in a pile of exhaustion, or boredom, or shear fear of the whole huge project, or something more interesting comes along [like almost anything else.] Then I have a mountain of work that goes undone for weeks.

The other thing I’m going to do is a cartwheel right in the middle of the living room floor. Cuz, I’m still 149 today YAY!

Now, you might think that I’m all sad and depressed about not being 148 or even 148.5 today, but NO WAY?! I’m so excited that my body is taking care of things. [OH how I wish a had a little tune playing in the background about “takin’ care of things . . .”] [Wouldn’t that be an added bonus!]

No, see, the old bod [and do I ever mean that literally!] is slowing inching down a zillionth pound at a time — ever cautiously and carefully — and making sure I’m not getting ready to keel over or something. Bodies are smart! They try to do the best for us, given all we do to them! And I’ve abused my body for so long with every diet that has been in existence and every quick loss scheme — so I applaud the old girl [you don’t mind if I call my body the old girl, do you?] for taking it slow and easy and being just a little bit weary of all my tricks.

And 149 is in the forties! So I’m all OK with that!

One little joke on me. Yesterday I thought I was into my size 31 Wranglers but no, they were the next size bigger. I thought I was WAY down there, but no.

Just another reason to get back to the bedroom and straighten up that Levi pile in the corner! Or better yet, get it into the closet.