death of me

I did great all day. I did great for almost two weeks! But I came home from church and saw that hubby and Stephen were still sitting on the couch watching TV and I got frustrated. Stephen came over around 9 this morning to wash and dry his work clothes. Still not done at 4:30. Dinner that I started cooking at 10 was still in the oven. Yah, frustrated.

So I took it out me, of course! Even though I had already eaten, I loaded my plate up with smothered chicken and a half potato. I’m pretty sure I’ll be the death of me.

And right when I was doing so well.

That’s just like me

And I hate it.

One thought on “death of me

  1. tracy

    So frustrating! I get so upset when people don’t do their part…pretty much drives me bonkers. Don’t beat yourself up though, just get back to green yumminess tomorrow!

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