I’m not proud of it and I wouldn’t recommend it to you or anyone else, but while I was cleaning today [got my whole bedroom and closet cleaned so far . . .] I hadn’t taken care of eating and and my physical needs so I started getting way too hungry. I starting craving chocolate in a terrible, aching way and knew if I didn’t do something fast I was going to be very sorry. I remembered I had a Slim Fast out in the trunk and decided that wouldn’t be too bad. But I put it in the Vita-Mix, added some parsley and a stalk of kale, some carrots and let ‘er rip.

Holy Cow.

Can I just say it was possibly the worst idea I’ve ever had. It tasted terrible and really actually stunk! So I added some chocolate protein powder, a little milk and mixed it up again. Still, pretty gross.

But you know what? I drank it. And every time I belched I could taste parsley. But I just kept telling myself how much I want to hang on to 149 and I could have something that tastes better another day. I kept reminding myself that I am drinking this particular combination of tastes because I couldn’t manage to control my cravings for the past four months and gained 15 of my hard earned pounds back.

Consequences sometimes suck.

In a really bizarre way, I’m  proud of myself for not running to the fridge or the top-of-the-fridge where hubby keeps his stash of junk food. Believe me the craving is g.o.n.e. And I think I’ll make it until I get something better prepared.

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