G. S. 101

A couple of things I’ve learned this week having to do with green smoothies:

I’m not particularly liking the taste of alfalfa sprouts. While I adore them in a green salad, on a sandwich or veggie wrap, or with an avocado, I can’t mask the taste in the smoothie. It doesn’t taste terrible . . . it’s just odd man out for me.

If you think you are finished mixing things up and take off the lid to take a sample sip, but decide to add a few more fruits to the mixture, remember to put the lid back on. Yah, my ceiling needed washed, anyway.

I’m liking more spinach and a little less kale.

I adore blueberries and peaches together. EE-Umm!

Even though I’m drinking a lot of this, I need to still drink water. I’m feeling a titch dehydrated.

Kind of odd that I lost two pounds right up front but haven’t lost the third one.

I’m still optimistic about that, though. But seriously, two pounds in one week is plenty.

Hold back on telling people about this new venture. They tend to judge and give advice. It’s better to just let green smoothies speak for themselves in the way you feel, look, sleep, your energy and your grocery bill.

I’m sure there’s a ton more I’ll learn along the way, especially after I read the book . . .

Even though it says ‘diet’ I don’t feel like I’m dieting! I don’t feel deprived, hungry, grouchy, desperate, craving, or maniacal in the least!

Hey. Don’t forget about that lid!