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Reasons to mix your greens and berries in a high-speed blender:

Greater nutrient assimilation – you may like eating your greens in a salad smothered by excessive amounts of fatty dressings, but STOP. Wait!  Think! To reap the maximum nutrition value, their cells walls must be broken. Victoria Boutenko, a pioneer in the green smoothie movement, writes in her book Green for Life that to rupture the cell walls of dark leafy greens we literally have to chew them into a creamy consistency before we swallow. That’s just humanly impossible. The problem can be easily solved by throwing the greens with other fruits into a high-power blender such as Vita-Mix, which is capable of rupturing the cell walls, and thus increasing the nutrient absorption in our body.

Liz and Tracy both told me that in order get the greatest benefit from all those veggies and flax seeds [and don’t forget the tiny seeds in strawberries, blueberries, blackberries . . .] you need to burst them open, so that they are bio-available for your body! And if you decide to add nuts to your green smoothie, you need to soak them first.

Green smoothies are full on enzymes that help in every single function in your body. They help regulate every single organ in your body. They prompt and activate every single process in your body. And when you use a high-speed blender, the enzymes are right there — ready to use and ready to aid in all your body’s requirements. Again: bio-available. Yippee!

I love that word! Bio-available. Isn’t it just a simply delicious word?

So much better than having your healthy food just slide on through. Of course you have to think about the other side of it, too. So much better than the bad, crappy, fatty, junk-food sticking around inside for a week. EEE-UK!

Green smoothies are full of antioxidants, which help speed metabolism and fat burning. Besides the fact that you’ll be eating healthier fruits and vegetables in the green smoothie, you’ll hopefully be eating fewer bad foods at the same time. This swap could provide a radical switch in your health and overall weight that will having you looking and feeling better very quickly.

Things I wish I had realized or known about green smoothies years ago:

They actually taste great. The thought of them used to gag me, but I  was SOOOO wrong!
They have conquered my cravings.
They fill me
right up so I don’t even think about junk food.
It’s pretty dang cheap.
I have
ridiculous energy!
The circles under my eyes are fading.
The scale is moving again! I lost two pounds in five days!
look forward to the next green smoothie.
The food I eat at other meals is healthier because I’m thinking more about my intake.
Less dishes!

I love this quote, “My body thanks me when I’m in the quart-a-day club!”

I’m just saying . . . what an easy, cheap, simple way to make a HUGE change in your life!