Oh my goodness! It’s been more than a week. I’ve been totally occupied with Make it for Maggie, visiting with Gibbs, Mikelle and Logan, Tracy and her family and Camille and her two youngest girls. I’ve gotten a shot in the arm, a kick in the butt and a push in the right direction.


What’s going on?

First of all I got a good look at Richard who has lost close to 40 pounds and looks ten years younger and pretty dang fabulous. That totally motivated me. I saw all his weights and bench downstairs and they look like they have been put to good use lately.

I went to the Green Smoothie class and have had green goodness for three days in a row.

I went to the Laughter Yoga class and understand how important laughing is even if it’s not at anything funny. The brain doesn’t really know or care whether something is hilarious or not, but the body gets so much out of all that oxygen, diaphragm expansion, eye contact, waving of the arms like wild chickens and letting go of inhibition and common sense. [Occasionally, and momentarily.]

I went to the lentils class and l.o.v.e.d. the quinoa and lentil salad! Can’t wait to create some of that y.u.m!

Participated in the Bomb Ball class. Enough said. My abs and uppers are sore and feeling like I finally exercised with a purpose.

Camille and I are having a little competition.

I loved on Easton for four days! Love that baby!

Got to go to three craft stores and get some of my Christmas shopping done.

It was great to have a little road trip, see so many people, get some things accomplished and become renewed, refreshed and revived, but it is great to get back home and back to work. I thrive on a schedule and consistency. I enjoy getting up and getting things done, checking them off and then having some time to myself at the end of the day. I love climbing into bed when I have eight hours [usually more like 7!] ahead of me to dream away the night.

Still 152 [drat!] but working on that with all my might!