no news is no news

A note or two about weight:

How about an F major! For Freaking me out! Majorly!


I’m just going to say, I’m going to try very hard to not worry about it the next couple of weeks. Or at least for one week. And I’ll see how it all plays out. None of this blow-by-blow scoreboard action going on this week. Why? Because for four days I weighed 149 every day on Tracy’s scale — which may, or may not, be close to my actual weight. And then Thanksgiving Day came around and then the two days after were terrible! TERRIBLE! I had a sugar headache. I was extra-grumpy. I had mood swings and felt like crying. My face is wearing about five pounds of sugar and oil and deep-fried junk. I took it all out on Mikelle and Tracy. I was rude. I was just plain mean.

And now it’s going to have to work it’s way out.

So no weight stories this week.

I may have a craft story or two, though, since I spent a small fortune on the way home from IF and have spent some of today taking down fall/autumn/thanks stuff and replacing it with lots of green/red/festive Christmas things. So so cute!

It’s really the only thing I like about winter.