the good news and the bad news

The good news:

I totally maintained 149 two days in a row! It wasn’t a fluke! Yay!

The bad news:

There isn’t any! Double Yay!

There’s more good news, though. Scott and Andie are coming for the weekend. We are heading to the city for fun, shopping, food [trepidation going on here] maybe a movie. Mikelle and Gibbs Easton are heading to the city with us. We were originally going to SLC to Ikea, Cabellas, Barnes and Noble, the Gateway. But now we might be going to Layton-Ogden area, Newgate, Quilted Bear, etc. Just in case that’s a little easier on the babe.

More good news. I have all day Friday off and I’m cleaning out my closet, getting rid of the ginormous prom dress, lots of stuff that’s twenty+ years old, and getting my stack of Levis in the closet. I’m motivated by Tracy’s recent white-tornado action going on at her house.

2 thoughts on “the good news and the bad news

  1. weighingmatters Post author

    Of course we’re not getting rid of it!!!! I’m just moving it. It takes too much room. It’s a $700 dress! I want to sell it if I can. Maybe on eBay or jut around here. I think it’s a size 4 or 6. I remember it being way too small the very next week. She fit in it one day.

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