I’ve told everyone I’ve been doing green smoothies. It’s a way to ensure getting more nutrients, more veggies, more micro-nutrients, vitamins and minerals into my old, old body. And they keep me pretty satisfied, full, and out of the kitchen. My cravings are under control and I’ve lost a few pounds.

Scott and Andie are here for the weekend and we made our usual trip to Ogden. I made two smoothies to take with me and Andie thought she would try one. Yuk. No thanks, Grommer, after a few semi-hopeful sips.

We met up with Mikelle and Easton, went to our favorite places and had lunch at Chuck O Rama. You know that’s got to be the scariest place in the world for someone with a unhealthy relationship with food, right? All you can eat! Scott kept us entertained with his quips and jokes. He always keeps me on the verge of running to that bathroom. Believe me, Laughter Yoga’s got nothing on Scott!

We were talking about all the food and how much was left on our plates and he said “I know they don’t have to-go boxes here, but too bad they don’t have a to-go smoothie for you. We could just scrape all our plates into a big Vita Mix and you’d be good to go!”

Yah, thought I’d die laughing!

Guess what! Even after three heaping salads, and three small servings of pasta, I am finally 148.5 this morning. I know! I’m so excited. It’s a small loss, but the scale moved and that’s good enough for me. I love it!