My brain!

It works so hard to make sense of what I’m seeing and what I think is actuality.

I ran to Benedict’s to get a few things to tide me over — cucumbers, tomatoes and radishes, a few fruits, strawberries, apples, grapefruit and oranges. How’s that for healthy eating?

Anyway, I finished up, went out to my car and the first thing I noticed was that there was a bunch of frozen slush build-up in the wheel wells again. I had just kicked off all the stuff about a half-hour ago as I was leaving from work. Yes, I was a little surprised that it all got back in there so quickly. But there was, after all, a huge storm the night before and plenty of slush to go around.

The next thing I noticed was that someone had painted “Go Buffs” on my windows. Seriously! I figured someone must have done it while I was in the store because, after all, I was in Buff territory, and, it  most certainly was not there when I went into the store. The nerve. I’m an Eagles fan, and totally not a Buff’s fan. I touched the paint with a finger-tip to see if it was still wet. Nope. Dry. It was fast-drying window marker!

So I started to open the car door and noticed it was locked. Pulled my keys out and they didn’t fit in the lock! I took a good look inside and realized this was definitely not my car. I looked around and saw that my car had rolled forward about twenty feet and was over near the shopping cart area. It registered: a slightly odd angle.

I can’t believe my brain tried to make sense of the ice build-up, the purple Buff paint and the locked door before I realized my car isn’t even black.


2 thoughts on “buff

  1. tracy

    I do the exact same things…of course, you know that already. What I want to know is why? Why do our brains go into overdrive super-sleuth mode without actually stopping to notice that none of the puzzle pieces in the mystery are from the same set. Why don’t we have a titch of logic in these situations? Why, oh, why do we not learn from the ridiculousness of these situations and not jump to outrageous conclusions the next time we have mismatched clues?

  2. mikelle pitts

    OH MY GOODNESS! You guys are so funny, I don’t think I have this problem like you two but everytime I read about them I totally LAUGH out LOUD!!!!! OH my mom! Really!!!!

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