n o e l

I was sitting on the couch looking at my entertainment center. I had just gotten Christmas things out and was scanning for anything out of place. From my vantage point I could see the piano and hutch in the other room, the darling wine-colored table off to the left,  my mother’s bookcase on the right and the entertainment center directly in front of me. I spanned over all the holiday decor that I love — things I’ve had for years and some of the new things I’ve recently added. I noticed something off center and got up to fix my new ‘W I N T E R’ blocks on the little cupboard next to the lamp. As soon as I sat down I noticed the Christmas countdown was one day off so I fixed that. Next I adjusted my ‘HO HO HO’ blocks a zillionth of a degree to perfection. Scott said “Oh my gosh, you are obsessed!” Me: “What do you mean? I’m just straightening.” Scott: “You’ve been sitting there for less than a minute and you’ve already gotten up three times!”

I realized. Maybe he’s right.

A little later in the morning I came into the front room and he had changed around my things. MY THINGS!

My WINTER now said ‘hamster’ or something.

My countdown now had an ‘i’ in it.

He thinks he’s funny.

The snowmen are first cousins. See the resemblance?

These are actually red, even tho they appear to be orange today.

These guys are all related, as well. Amazing how, even snowmen, stick to their own kind.

I couldn’t decide whether to stack the vowels or not. I did.

OK, obsessed I am! Oh, I don’t really think so. This is normal to me.

And I’m still ready for more. Here’s my current project. Little display shelves!

Oh my heck! Is this cute or what!!!!!!!

Love this. Made about 20 of them one year.
It’s the only one I have left. Sold them for $30

This is what those other unfinished shelves will look like when they’re done.
So cute and you can do at least a dozen things with them. Want one?

Some people cook, some sew, some do genealogy, some watch soaps. Some shoot innocent animals or fish. Some read, some bike, some shop, some eat, some teach, some gamble, some drink.

I craft. And, therefore, I am!

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