hale center theatre

I adore Fisher. He is such a [usually] soft spoken, big-hearted, little red-headed sweetheart. I had the privilege of sitting next to him during A Christmas Carol at Hale Family Center Theatre.

At times he was frightened and clinging onto his mama. At other times he was distracted, looking through the brochure to match up characters on stage with their photo in the booklet. And at times he was explaining to me who-was-who in the performance. He had given me a short overview of the story while we were sitting there before curtain call — a story about a man who was mean and then was nicer. I asked him a couple times during the performance, “Now, did you say he was nice first and mean later, or mean first and nice later?” and he patiently explained it all to me, again, with a few sighs to let me know I should pay better attention.

When his mama asked him if he wanted to give me a hug he immediately turned into a pile on the floor, or rather, behind her skirt, hiding from me with embarrassment. But he did hug me spontaneously several other times. He thanked me for giving their family A Cristmas Carol for Christmas. But when anyone calls attention to him he just wants to disappear. Melts into the background, trying very hard to have the spotlight go away.

When we were on our way, driving in different directions, he called me on the cell and invited me to Christmas at their house. Such a sweet, earnest invite. I suppose he supposed I would be alone. He wants to share the excitement and merriment of the Holy Day with his Grommer. I was touched.

Sweet boy.