christmas all over again

We’ve had fun. It’s a whole different world when there are people here. We’ve played Spades, opened more presents, cooked and cleaned together, shot hoops at the high school, finished the movie Inception. We’ve all taken turns with Easton. He’s a bright light in this otherwise lonely and quiet house. Hubby has actually — you won’t believe this, those of you who know him — taken Easton and rocked him for hours. At least two hours. Two different times, while we played cards. He has the touch. Something I never knew. Something Mikelle didn’t know.

Today we are heading to Utah. Mikelle is getting a cut and color from her fave stylist, LaVonne. Then we are heading to Logan, via SLC for me. I have got to — simply HAVE to — go back to the Wood Connection to get more wood letters to paint and create. I bought the most darling little wooden things last week. They have cut-out letters, frames, plaques, toy high chairs, cradles, guns and hatchets, every seasonal wood thing you would ever need. You know all those cute wooden things at Quilted Bear? They are at Wood Connection first. The pumpkins, stars, trees, the metal overlays that say Family, and Home, and Forever. All there! They have scrapbook paper, and paint and the right kinds of glues. They have seasonal/monthly bins where you can buy, say a little cellophane package for the month of February with a heart, an XOXO, a little cupid, wooden lips, etc. All for $4.95! All you have to do is go home and paint them, for Pete’s sake, and you’re suddenly all decked out for Valentines’s Day!

Then one more stop at Dick’s to trade Steev’s Columbia coat I got him for Christmas. I got the most perfect color of blue, and he want’s the most perfect color of black.

OK. I can understand that. I forgot that I had given him a blue Columbia two years ago, and that he still wears it for his good coat. What can I say? I like blue. So I hope they still have the black one that I actually had in my hand and almost bought on Thursday. If not, hubby said he will buy the blue one for himself and I will go to Sportsman’s, Smith and Edward’s, or  somewhere along the Wasatch Front until I get the perfect black Columbia for him. What we do for our children!

Scott is here with Logan, Mikelle, Easton, and occasionally Steev. And he is on a health kick! By sheer will power, he has lost 8 pounds in three weeks! Woo HOO! I can tell you how hard that is! It’s so great to have someone to talk to about good healthy eating! He hasn’t succumbed to the poppy seed, the sour-cream banana bread or the ice cream. He’s a good example. And he made a fruit smoothie, although he wasn’t all that crazy about the one I made with spring greens in it. To be honest, it tasted terrible! But I drank it because I kept telling myself it was good for me!

And he gave me three amazing gifts for Christmas. A knife set. With really sharp knives! Something I’ve always thought about getting. A new shower head that has more than six tiny streams of water shooting out of it, [lots of hard minerals clogging up the old one!] and a George Foreman, which we used last night for grilled chicken! It’s was so, so fun!

What a great Christmas, all over a gain!

This old Scrooge didn’t say Humbug even once this year!

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