My sweet granddaughter, Andie, is here this weekend. I haven’t been around much but they’ve gotten by. I have to say how much I think of her. She is sweet and thoughtful and polite and smart and athletic and faithful.


Scott and Andie went up to the high school for a couple of hours yesterday while I was working. She looked around at the various booths looking for just the right thing for a friend, and something for her mom. At one point she said the funniest thing: “Grommer, I hate to say this but I’m pretty disappointed in the choices of pot holders!”

She stands up for herself and her comfort zone. When all the guys started watching brutal UFC on TV last night she found something else to do. When hubby asked her why she didn’t want to watch she said something about how senseless that kind of stuff is — people beating each other  into a heap. Instead, she worked on the computer for a while and we ordered a CD together [one smart cookie on the computer, that girl! — she helped me find an error in my bank account and then helped me navigate through another site.]

Several people at the craft fair mentioned how well-mannered Andie is and how self-reliant she appears to be. She is mature and confident. She’s got her life mapped out and has dreams and plans. She keeps up with her Dad’s ambitious schedule of seeing everything and doing everything they can pile into a weekend, whether it is heading to Jackson, Bar-J Wranglers, the hot springs, movies, hiking, camping, going on long planned vacations, cruises, horse-back riding, skiing, concerts, shopping. They always make the most of their limited time together.

At age 14 she’s a world traveler. Some of the places she’s been to are Costa Rica, Mexico X3, Switzerland, France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany, New York City, Disneyland, Nauvoo, Seattle, Paris, Yellowstone X2, Vegas X3 and heading to Alaska in June.

And she’s been to plays, productions, live theatre:

Paul McCartney
Elton John
Sheryl Crow/Colbie Calait
Neil Diamond
Annie Get Your Gun
Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat
Phantom of the Opera
Little Women
Beauty and the Beast
Les Miserables
Seven Brides
The Slipper and the Rose

She runs. Boy does she run. Even when we are camping she does a nightly run for at least 30 minutes. And she competes in cross country at Laramie.

I don’t get to see her as often as my other grand-children but I  love and appreciate this wonderful young lady. I look forward to sharing time with her and I’m always so happy when they come to visit.

Love you And!