got it going?

I am at this very moment having the first green smoothie I’ve had in almost a month! So Delish. Oh, how I’ve missed them!. Today’s is spinach — lots of it! — kale, lime, a whole orange with some of the peel, mixed frozen fruit, including mangos, grapes and pineapple.

Oh, heaven!

I’m hoping that I don’t gain a pound or two. I know. It’s healthy. I’ve just not had this much food, or this much sugar [albeit natural fructose] since Thanksgiving. So I’m almost half expecting to go up.

My “diet” is over. 24 days of eating very little [except for the couple times I fell completely off the wagon and ate everything in sight!] I dropped a few pounds. Less than I wanted, but I’m good with it. I was down to 142 several times but I’ve mostly been hanging at 143. Not bad. Not bad. My goal weight is 141, which seems out of reach for me for some reason. [Like I don’t know the real reason. Ha!!]

Dang, the holidays are hard!

Now for exercising. What is it with me? I’ve always enjoyed getting strong and buff and flexing my muscles for all the world, but for some reason I’ve not done well in that department for several months.

This morning, one of my favorite teachers and football coach walked toward me and, instead of the usual, “How’s it going?” or How ya doing?” he said, “Got it going?”

That’s my new favorite thing to say.

And the answer is, “You betcha!”

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