movie night

I decided at the last minute to drive to Ogden to pick up the gift hubby wants to give Stephen. Lot’s of complications there and I was unable to get it, but the back-up plan is in motion with Richard being the main character and hero of the day. He is going to try to get it Monday or Tuesday in IF and then send it with Tracy and kids on Saturday when we all go to Hale Family Theatre.

So what’s a Grommer to do when Easton is only 30 miles away from Ogden?

Of course I decided to visit the Hull Family in Logan and stay the night, attend church with Mikelle and E and then head back home.

We were visiting when Logan got home [at 7:05] and nearly the first words out of his mouth were, “Hey, let’s go to the movie! Chronicles is at the Stadium and it starts at 7:30.” He took a two-and-a half-minute shower, dressed and zoomed off for tickets and to save us three seats. We, on the other hand, packed, grabbed blankies, the diaper bag, an apple, everything we could think we’d need for Easton’s first movie theater experience and finally left. Traffic was congested and we tried our best to navigate through city Christmas-Friday-night-college-town shopping as best we could. Mikelle even took the route up by the temple, thinking it might be quicker and so we could see the lights and enjoy the view.

We finally got there right at 7:30, rushed in, explained that her husband had bought tickets for the three of us and was in there saving seats. We entered the darkened room, trying to adjust our eyesight and searched for Logan. Up and down, down and up. Around, up, down, across. Umm. OK. We sat down and started watching the movie which was already is progress. Mikelle kept looking around, a little frustrated that Logan wasn’t there somewhere looking for us, too.

Sidebar: Mikelle and I both forgot our phones so we couldn’t call Logan to see where to meet him.

About fifteen minutes later I said, “Is there another showing?” She said, “No. Just one theater with two doors.” So we watched a little longer, when suddenly, Mikelle realized Logan was probably at the south-end theater, Stadium 6, instead of the north one, Stadium 8, which was where we were, indeed, sitting, watching and discussing what the heck went wrong with the plan to go to the movie together.

We bundled up E, loaded up the blankets and diaper bag, trekked back down the stairs, out the door and to the car. We hurried, as best we could, to the other end of town, running one red light on the way [seriously!] [totally red, and she went through!] and got to the theater which, by the way, just happens to be right across the highway from her house, about three blocks away from where we started. We finally found Logan, right where he said he would be, on the aisle toward the top. We re-watched the part of the movie that we had previously watched at Stadium 8 and then I fell asleep for the next hour and a half.

Way past my bedtime!