so much

This one is so much cuter. I kept thinking I should embellish it a little more, so I wrapped up some gold wire for a halo and found a wooden star in one of ten-thousand craft totes down stairs, found a piece of rusty thick wire out in the garage curled it around a glue stick and voilà!

And this is how it looks in the word ‘believe.’

Except that I have two of the ‘e’s switched. The big ‘e’ goes right after the ‘i’ so that there is a variation of heights there. I fixed it but was too lazy to take another picture.

I love it!

I just started on Andie’s. She wants purple, lime and teal. And she wants hers to say Believe in your dreams!

Eventually I will get all of this put away and have my kitchen counter back to what it was meant to be. It’s been covered in crafts, paint, glue, vinyl,  a sander and matte finishing spray for two months.

2 thoughts on “so much

  1. tracy

    Super cute!!!

    We are surrounded by Mikelle’s delicious candy, Scott’s hilarious comments, and all your cute grandchildren! Wish you were here!

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