thumbs up

OK! I’m almost to goal again. This has not been easy or fun and I’ve had some really raunchy days. But I wanted to be 141 by Christmas and I was 142 again today. So it has been worth it. I think. I’ve missed a lot of things. I’ve missed the taste and texture of ice cream, creamed soup, whipped cream, even milk. I’ve missed having more than two fruits a day. I’ve missed an occasional desert. I’ve missed hot chocolate and mayo and cheese.

But, gotta say, I don’t miss weighing 155. Or even 150.

So, I’m giving it a thumbs up. Richard and Camille and Sandy and Jenni and Ever totally motivated me and have encouraged and led the way.

Pretty sure the hard part is just around the corner: Maintenance! It always is. I’ve said a hundred times, there are dozens of ways to lose weight but only one way to maintain it. And that’s by being careful and conscious every single day and eating healthy and moving more.

I am loving having bagging pants again. Yes, even my double stitched, up-to-the-waist, men’s Wal-Mart pants. Love them! And I’m even having to wear a belt to keep them clear up there! And I had to get two new bras. Totally grown out of mine — opps, the other direction! My old ones are way too big. Love, love, love that! I should go get my mamo right this very second!

Now, I need to e.x.e.r.c.i.z.e! Never seen so much flab. I can do this. I can finish this.

[But, then, I always say that . . .]

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