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Tracy called. She said, “Could you please post something! It’s been since last Wednesday.” Me: “Nuh uh. I posted last week when I was at Mikelle’s.” Tracy: “Maybe it was Thursday, but would you post something. [A statement, not a question.] I like to read your stuff.” Me: “‘Well, I was going to post about […] Read the Rest…


bee ee double el

I’m in Logan. At Mikelle’s. Belly Bum has been sick. RSV. He’d been coughing for a week and crying out in pain. Each time Mikelle called me I could hear him fussing and hurting and crying. They took him to the hospital night before last because he has been having such a hard time breathing, […] Read the Rest…



I am posting that number, not because I’m proud of it, but because I need to see it in print. I need to see that I have, once again, settled for something less than my goal. Less than what I feel good about. I don’t like being here but it’s my current reality. And I’m […] Read the Rest…