Really, really, really struggling. I do well all day long and then come home and eat everything in sight.

EVERYthing! A whole box of crackers last night. With cheese. Uuuuggghhhhhh!



I remember when I was 161, 145 sounded good. Now that I’ve been to the other side, 141 is the only thing that sounds and feels good.

145 feels like failure to me. And it’s, seriously, just a few pounds. But it feels like thirty!

I remember when I had those twelve pair of size 10 pants in the closet that I could hardly wait to get into. That was my goal then. I’ve been in those pants for over a year now. Wearing a pair right now. But it just feels fat right now.

I know it has everything to do with not exercising for two months. [Gee ya think?]

Exercised three days in a row, though.

Really, really, really struggling.


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  1. tracy

    You can do this! Maybe make a plan for nighttime like you do for the day. Really sit and ponder until you have come up with a plan for everyday of the week. Maybe one day it is reading your lesson for Sunday, one day it is making a craft, one day it is writing letters, one day it is making a meal or something for someone else, etc…then you can look forward to doing that project and will not be tempted to veg out on the couch and snack the night away.

  2. tracy

    Oh, and here is another idea…maybe do your exercising after work and wear your exercising clothes all night long. Maybe having your power outfit on will help you have a different priority than snacking.

    Just ideas…I have no idea if they will ring true for you or not…take what you want and leave the rest.

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