mod podge

This morning I cooked breakfast.

I admit I’m not all that excited to be around food — normal food — other people’s food. Last weekend I cooked for ten extra people and it’s not easy being in the same room with all those calories and all those options. How do people survive without inhaling? But it seems like hubby gets totally neglected unless we have company. I remember one day when Tracy was just about ready to leave after an extended visit and he said to her, “Can’t you stay a little while longer, so I can still eat?”


We both work nearly 12-hour days during the week. So, I usually cook breakfast and one other meal on Saturday and Sunday. I try to do my share. I just don’t want spaghetti and lasagna and casserole left-overs in the fridge because, well, because I’m me and I know me and I have a loooonnnngggg history with me. That doesn’t work for me.

So, I try to stay far away from the kitchen. Most days hubby cooks his own dinner. And by ‘cooks’ I mean he pops one of his two dozen Marie Calendar dinners in the microwave. It’s hard to feel sorry for him because the smells coming from the kitchen are heaven! And he has a whole bunch of snacks to choose from which he weekly replenishes each time he shops for groceries. I like to call his stash on the fridge Little Debbie by the Dozen.

But this morning I asked him what he’d like for breakfast and he said pork chops, eggs over-easy and muffins. Like I’m a short order cook or something. Lucky, very lucky for hubby, I had all the ingredients for just that. He had two pork chops out in the freezer and I had just bought a 5 pound bag of blueberries.

ME: having a blueberry/peach power smoothie.

It’s been a rough week. I’ve had some eating jags on the couch in front of the TV. But I did finally start exercising and I’m reporting daily to a couple of friends/family via texting. And, gotta say, it feels so good! Five days in a row!

Back to 144. That pound took approximately two weeks to get rid of!

Today I’m finishing up a little craft for V Day. I made the other version last week for Mikelle . . .

and today I’m doing a different version with red hearts instead of ‘O’s and heart-y scrapbook paper.

Gotta love Mod Podge!

Then I’ve got one other cute thing I need to finish; well, two that I got at Wood Connection last week. Stacked hearts with the bead-board on top and a darling metal mitten atop a square of bead-board and hanging from one of those curled metal hangers.

Now, time for laundry, dishes, vacuuming, scripture study and cleaning the bedroom.