7th day

It’s finally Sunday!

Almost every single week I sigh and thank the Lord for the Fourth Commandment. When I was young I resented someone telling me to knock it off and lay low for a whole day. I resented not being able to shop or go to the laundromat or watch football.

But now it’s a blissful, relaxing, renewing day. It’s a day when I can finally gather my thoughts, and take time to count my blessings and spend some time with friends and neighbors at church.

The older I get, the more I appreciate the Sabbath!

YAY rest!

And today I get to teach the fourth Sunday lesson out of the Ensign. I’ve been practicing it and it’s a good lesson! Last night during prayers I thanked the Lord for allowing me to study and pray and edit and present HIS word to the sisters in my ward. I love this calling.