Tracy called.

She said, “Could you please post something! It’s been since last Wednesday.”

Me: “Nuh uh. I posted last week when I was at Mikelle’s.”

Tracy: “Maybe it was Thursday, but would you post something. [A statement, not a question.] I like to read your stuff.”

Me: “‘Well, I was going to post about hubby’s five alarm clocks that are driving me nuts but I already told you about that.”

Tracy: “Uh huh . . .”

Me: “And I guess I could post about getting a speeding ticket but I already put that on facebook.”

Tracy: “Uh hun . . .”

Me to myself: Wow, I’ve already created 526 posts and I’m pretty posted out. But to her, “OK, I’ll post as soon as I get home from work.”

Me to myself: “I really don’t want to post about my weight. It’s still the same. I’m still eating good and exercising.”

More to myself: “I guess I could try to figure out how to use my new camera hubby got me for Christmas and put up some of the pictures I took at Mikelle’s when we went craft shopping and re-decorated her entire house. No that will just make Tracy feel bad.

More self talk: “Maybe I could post about my attempt to do some indexing for the Family Search web site. Or the fact that I love how my whites turn out every single washing. Or that I watched Knight and Day last night with Stephen for the third time. But that he fell asleep right when the motorcycle scene started.”

I wondered if any of those would satisfy.

More quiet thinking: Let’s see. I could tell her that I have a goal of cleaning at least one room every day when I come home from work. Or that I’m going to watch less TV. Or that I’m going to organize the crafts I bought to make in December and January that put me way far in debt. Or I could tell her that I anonymously wrote to NieNie and spellchecked today’s post. Although I would also have to mention that I don’t think NieNie really cares about spelling and punctuation the same way I do. Oh, I could write about how I identified with yesterday’s Gospel Doctrine lesson and how proud I was that I was prepared enough to make some meaningful comments. No. It’s not good to be proud.

So. I’ll just tell her that I really couldn’t think of a thing to post today but that I’ll try again tomorrow.

I just checked NieNie: She changed dear to deer but she left families instead of changing it to family’s. Sigh.