I don’t remember the last time I went to weekday relief society, as they are calling it now. When I had the calling it was called Enrichment; or Home, Family and Personal Improvement; or Quilting Day. But now it’s simply weekday relief society.

I’m really not up at the time they have it. It starts at 7. Enough said.

For some reason I decided to give it a try again. Briar said on Sunday that she had been working on it for six weeks and was so hoping people would show up. She said she hadn’t always come [and regrets it now . . .] when she had callings in Primary and Young Women, and realizes it’s hard to get out in the winter, and at night and when it’s so cold. I could totally identify! But she basically begged all of us to come. And her handout-reminder was quite intriguing. It said something about Things are Not Always What They Appear to Be.

So, at 6:45 I ventured out in the star light across the frozen tundra and down the freeway. There were only five cars at the church when I arrived so I knew everyone else in the ward was thinking the same thing I was. This is no time to be out and about!

The tables were set with plastic table coverings and a pen. That’s it. Six long tables, three on each side. And there was a nice display in the front. Several people were milling around and a few more came just as I sat down. Briar said, “Wow, we really hoped more would be here. We’ll wait a few more minutes and then we’ll start.” Disappointment all over her face. So much work for so few people. I so remember feeling the same when I did the job she has now.

She handed out papers for each of us to write our menu for the evening. There were places for Course 1 through Course 4, each with four blank lines. And at the bottom of the page were sixteen odd-looking and odd-sounding phrases. Apparently we were to choose four from that list and write them in each of the Courses above.

Example: camel’s hump! devil’s basic. cardboard disk. what’s up doc. Hawaiian delight.

As it turned out, those were water, brownie, paper plate, 2 mini carrots, 3 chinks of pineapple.

So, not knowing ahead of time what they were, my first course consisted of a baked potato, a napkin, two olives and a plastic knife. The servers didn’t really explain anything and we laughed as we tried to figure out what was going on. The sister next to me got a plastic knife, fork and spoon and two baby carrots. We couldn’t trade with each other but I would have loved to have her fork!

About ten minutes later, my second course was served. It was 3 chunks of pineapple, an ice cube, a brownie and a dinner roll,

Third was the paper plate, 2 small carrots, a fork and a glass of water.

And last I was served ice cream, butter and sour cream and salad.

[The sister across from me was served salad first and since she didn’t have a plate, it went on the table. And she ate it with her fingers, dipping it in the ranch dressing available to all.]

Pretty fun and interesting. The theme for the evening was Preparing to meet the Savior. Briar spoke for a few minutes, tying everything together for us. She said there are hidden treasures, hidden meanings all around us. There are layers and layers of comprehension and logic and interpretations and understanding in the scriptures. At first they might appear to mean one thing and later they can mean something completely different. Everyone, even those right next to us are working on different things at different times. We all have different things on our ‘plate.’ We can laugh and relate and encourage each other to do the best with what we’ve got. Eventually everything comes together and we have the complete course.

I’m so glad I went.

2 thoughts on “enrichment

  1. tracy

    Love it! Especially the explanation part tying it together because without that it would have just been a fun meal!

    I hardly ever go either. It is my precious family time…the only time we are all together and it is really hard for me to leave it.

  2. Tami

    That’s great! I pretty much always go and I pretty much always love it and am glad that I went. I need that connection time… I just don’t get enough of it during my days, I guess!

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