just stop me

So, I was telling one of my co-workers about the Relief Society meeting and the ‘dinner’ we had on Tuesday evening and she let me go on and on and acted interested and gave me verbal prompts [un-huh, yes, etc.] I interpreted it to mean she was really interested and so I went into even more detail. [for her benefit!]

When I was all done she said, “Yah, the Levine family did that just last week and my daughter told me it was darling! They did the exact same thing down to the last detail!”

Crawl under a floor-board.

No! Just stop me. Just kindly say, “That sounds just like the one my daughter went to last week.”

Save me some time and energy and my whole stash of colorful adjectives.

I mean seriously! I went on and on.

And, please. If I start to tell you something I already told you yesterday, and the day before, too, it’s really the kind thing to tell me, “Yes you mentioned that yesterday.” Instead of waiting until I tell you the whole thing again.

Don’t you think?

Why embarrass an Alzheimer patient more than necessary?

Where has all the kindness gone in the world?