Oh my GOSH. I’m horrified! HORRIFIED!

Watch C. Jane’s vlog and you’ll understand why!

I did comment on her space four times this week.

And Yikes. I’m just so glad I had the presence of mind to write as “Anonymous!”

Doesn’t feel all that anonymous at the moment!

3 thoughts on “OMG

  1. jessica

    Okay I had to go look up the vid on youtube directly ’cause my internet blocker (for the kids) blocks all embedded movies… I’m sorry to say I laughed out loud, they were so funny with your comment!

    Weren’t you aware of the internet blogging rule number one? No unsolicited advice in the comments section – it will enrage and annoy every time! Especially if it’s done anonymously, and even if it’s left with the best intentions. ;o)

    Good thing she didn’t look up your IP address and link to you, you’d have crashed my server with all her traffic coming over here to yell at you. LOL.

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