It’s early. It’s New Year’s Day. And I’m grumpy.

I know. I know. I’m supposed to be cheery, and positive, and uplifting, and . . . fun. I’m supposed to encourage and enlighten and lighten.

But, this morning I’m feeling all the effects of not getting sleep. Needed sleep. Lovely sleep. Necessary sleep.

I tried my darnedest to stay up last night to ring in 2011 and I made it to 11:00 [three hours after my normal bedtime, I might add!] We had watched a movie, [the same one, twice!] eaten, played Rook, watched AFV, washed mountains of dishes, played Qwirkle, watched the Top Ten News Stories of 2010. And, then, just like that, I gave up — sneaked into the bedroom and crawled under the covers with two pillows over my head.

In a millisecond Blythe and Andie were home from the Stake New Year’s Eve party and there were the most hideous sounds coming from the living room. Whistles, singing, chanting, blow-horns, music. Much cheering going on out there. Many “HAPPY NEW YEARS!” going on! I snookered down and added another pillow over my ears.

Another few minutes later [it seemed, although I glanced at the clock and it was now 12:47 — so I must have slept a little] Andie was rousing me to go into another room so that she and Blythe could share my bed. “Tracy said you were sleeping with Grandpa Leonard tonight and that we were supposed to sleep in here.” A little too cheerful and rousing for me at 12:47! Me: soft groan. Andie, [sweetly]: “Grommer? Would you like me to turn off the light so you can get up easier?” Me [far from sweetly]: groan.

So, I made my way to hubby’s room and climbed into bed with two pillows over my head. He was snoring and the cat was there and the TV was blaring. Deduction: not much sleeping was going to happen here. I felt around the bed for the remote and turned it off. Hubby woke up! Seriously, how can turning OFF the TV wake someone up? He said “What are you doing?” I explained that there aren’t enough beds for eight extra people in the house and I would sleep in his room tonight. “And I really can’t sleep at all with the TV on, so I turned it off!”

Three hours later — 3 hours! — it came back on. It was just the light at first. No sound. I felt hubby looking at me to see if it would wake me up. Then he turned up the sound. I didn’t move. I was squeezing my eyes and ears shut. I hunkered down and put my arm over the top pillow to hold it closer to my exposed ear. He turned it up a little further, and then even more. “Ta da da DUH.” The unmistakable theme song of Law and Order. I sat up straight and looked at him. He said, “What?” Then his alarm went off.

He has the most annoying clock alarm. You know how a dog can only hear the high pitched sound of a dog whistle? Well, this alarm is such that only I can hear it. It beeps non-stop for an hour every single day — unless I go and turn it off. It’s broken, it doesn’t keep time, it doesn’t wake him up, and it needs to be tossed! So I got up and turned that off. Ten minutes later it went off again and I got up again [!#*@&] to turn it off. I was trying to strangle it when he took it out of my hands. I climbed back in bed and now the cat wanted to snuggle. Jack likes to walk up and down my horizontal, decumbent body until he finds a comfy place. Up to my shoulder, down to my feet, up to my shoulder, down to my feet. I shake him off and he waits approximately thirty seconds before starting again. I might as well just lie there and let him get positioned so we can both get some shut-eye!

The next thing I heard was hubby snoring again. The loud, obnoxious 1983 Law and Order episode put him to sleep and kept me awake.

Go figure.

So, I’m tired and grumpy and thought I’d do some laundry at 5 a.m. on my day off and read FB comments and blog about it. I read my Sunday school assignment — first one in the New Testament. I used the bathroom and did more laundry. I fed the cat and tried to be really quiet because Scott is sleeping in the front room. He usually says I type very noisy! I read a chapter in Stone Tablets, and I did two sudoku puzzles. And I’m really, really tired.

It’s 8:30 a.m. and nary a soul is stirring upstairs.

Time to put on the happy face :] and ask about the dance and be Grommer all over again.

Now, this all made me miss my Mother. It made me think of all the times she lost sleep, and cooked for an army and did dishes, and laundry. All the times she stayed up for us to come home and fell asleep while we told her everything about our date/party/dance/movie, etc. It made me remember all the times she was a referee and a peace-maker. It made me think of the way she tapped the card when she had the high card in Rook. And the way she forgot what trump was half way through a hand. I remembered her making fudge and pinoche, and oatmeal-raisin cookies out of yesterday’s mush. And her sweet words of encouragement. And her no-nonsense approach to telling the truth. I remember many a New Year’s Eve party at her house in Evanston with four or five card tables set up in the front room to accommodate all of us who wanted to stay the entire holiday at her house.

And, suddenly, I feel so much better. I feel energized and ready to go cook breakfast casserole for all those sleepyheads!

Happy 2011!