the new 141


I gotta say I feel pretty dang good. Why, you ask? Surely you’re asking, right? Well, let me tell you.

I started exercising last week. Last Monday the 3rd. I started with 4 sets of 12 reps each of four different exercises for my arm. Then I did 100+ things for my tum-tum. Abs, I guess I should say. They seem like they are far from abs at the moment.

Gotta say, after ten [TEN] [yay!] days in a row I feel so, so good. Not that I’m anywhere near done. Not that I’ve lost inches or pounds or gained abs. But I am over the hard part [again] and I look forward to exercising each day. I have made it [at least for the moment] important again and that feels good.

I keep beating myself up for letting two whole months go by without even the slightest teensy effort or interest in exercising. And boy-howdy did it ever show! Talk about the droops. I had to turn off the light in the bathroom! Couldn’t take the reality of it all.

So, right now, I’m motivated and turned on to pump some iron. Did I really say that? No. It just slipped out. I didn’t really mean it. I’m so dang lame! But, I do love my 10-pound dumbbells right now. And, already, I am loving the kind of sore, burning feeling in my arms and legs the day after a good work-out! It reminds me that I should probably go a little easy on the calories and junk. It reminds me that I did it all for nothing unless I eat healthy as well. It reminds me that I’ve almost got a month under my belt — well almost a half a month!

And that feels good.

Still at 144. And I have to keep that in perspective. I know I haven’t gained a pound of muscle yet, so I know I’ve got work to do in the eating department. It’s just that I wasn’t getting anywhere there, for like a month! So I decided I should change to something else that might give me some encouraging results.

I had been texting Camille and Scott with my daily weight and exercise commitment and Scott said, “Maybe 144 is the new 141!”

I nearly p***d.

He always cracks me up!