woulda shoulda coulda

I’m home sick.

I’m home, sick. I guess that’s the better way to say it. All week I’ve had this splitting headache down the back of my skull. A woman sat beside me at Church on Sunday. I don’t even know how she got there. I usually have books on each chair on each side of me so that I can have my space, but I left to use the mirror in the bathroom and when I came back — there she was — in my space. Ugh. I know that sounds un-Christian of me. But I just like to be alone. I really don’t like to rub shoulders. I really don’t like to accidently touch at the butt.

I said. “OH! So, how are YOU?” in my cheerful, Sunday voice. She said, “I’ve been sick.”

Me: Oh yikes. I can’t get sick. I’ve got a huge work-week going on. I tried to be kind and say it nicely, “If you are sick I should move.” She assured me that it was all sinus troubles, not contagious and that she is much better now.

Still, I handed her her own hymn book and kind of stayed on the right half of my chair. I basically kept my head turned to the right, even though the sister giving the lesson was to the left. Tell me, was that too obvious? As soon as the closing prayer was said I rushed to the bathroom again to wash my hands and blow my nose.

By Monday my head was hurting. I took loads of Immoplex and Excedrin. I sprayed with Colloidal Silver.

Tuesday my head was killing. More meds. Couldn’t sleep. Ached all over.

Wednesday felt like my skull had been split open with a dull hatchet. The inside of my face ached all over the place. My nose was running, eyes were running. I had a small annoying cough.

Today. I’m home, sick.

I have middle school games tonight, high school games tomorrow, an all-day wrestling invitational meet Saturday, [8 teams coming!] as well as a movie and dinner and a dance all at the high school. And I teach on Sunday. I cannot be sick.

I’m drinking honey, lemon and steaming water. I have the rice pad sitting on my face. I’m gargling tea-tree oil.

And I’m ticked off.

I should have moved.

So is this something I will need to repent of?

3 thoughts on “woulda shoulda coulda

  1. tracy

    20 drops of grapefruit seed extract every single hour…start now!

    How was/is your heart towards her? Is it how you would someone’s heart to be towards you?

    Hope you are better soon!

  2. weighingmatters Post author

    You are leaving out a lot of words today. I don’t hate her. I’ve never cared for her so this didn’t change much. But I should care about her. She’s a human being. But ever’ body don’t like ever’ body . . . as the saying goes . . .

  3. tracy

    My brain must be going faster than my fingers. We have had a busy school day here and not much time to actually think about what I am typing!

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