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Last fall I needed a pair of black boots. I’d been wanting some for ever, it seems. I have half-heartedly tried on black dress boots for years but my calf has never really fit in them. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve caught my skin in the zipper when trying on a pair. Well, Tracy saw some on Sierra Trading post that she thought about getting. Black ones for her and for Blythe, brown ones. They were a great deal — more than half off – AND they had a big old stretchy elastic side and an adjustable side strap with a little buckle so I decided on the spur of the moment to get some black ones for me. Unfortunately, they didn’t have Tracy ‘s size in stock by the time we ordered. Actually, they didn’t have my size either. I usually take an 8-8.5 but I got these in a 9.


They are butt-ugly, [sorry, that’s so crude a description] very old fashioned, huge, and still didn’t fit around my calf. I ended up having to poke another couple holes in the little buckle strap . . . like on a too-small belt. The heel is very short so I lose my balance and tip backwards quite often.

[Had something more like this in mind for my long-awaited black dress-boot purchase.]

But. I am so excited!

I can finally close the flap around my calf without having to use the extension strap and they fit great right there on the calf.

Still about two inches too long in the toe and I feel like a clown every time I wear them but the fact that the side closure isn’t flapping open as I walk has made a huge difference in my attitude!

2 thoughts on “ta boot

  1. tracy

    Woo-hoo!! That must feel great!

    Butt-ugly??? I still think they are adorable and wish I could have them!

    Also, they were over 80% off!!!

  2. camille

    Next time either of you find such a fabulous deal on shoes, boots, sandals, etc. puh-leeeeease look for a size 11 for me………. congrats on the smaller calf size! That is exciting!

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