23-year old male

I’ve been doing crafts today. Well, I have to qualify that. First I did the laundry, dishes, cleaned the kitchen and bedroom. We had another three inches of snow this morning so I went and cleared the sidewalks at the school, printed out my lesson for tomorrow and made a belated Valentines gift for a sister I visit teach who has been in California all month. THEN I did crafts.

These don’t neccesarily have to stand together like this.
But they are cousins! Kind of like the snowmen earlier.

I kind of wish I would have put white tacks [instead of black] in the white and yellow one.

Made these three this morning, too. Gotta love a dowel and a 4 X 4!

I’m trying to decide what to use for my lesson tomorrow. I need a visual aide. Because, I just do. I try to have something for the sisters to look at while they are listening. Something pleasant. Something cute. And one part of the lesson says, “Honor becomes a rich soil where faith is nurtured.” So I was going for some crafty thing that has something to do with growing in rich soil. Not that wooded crafts have anything to do with that, but you get my point . . .

Anyway, Mikelle will probably end up with both of these. I’m not sure why I made so many crafts. Because I really don’t have room for them and I don’t sell them, and Tracy doesn’t like a lot of silly crafts sitting around so I just end up giving them to Mikelle.

I did tell Stephen just this morning, “Stephen, you do realize if you ever want some cute crafts for your house, I’d be glad to make some for you.” He looked at me and said, “Mom, you DO realize I’m a 23-year old MALE. I don’t ‘do’ crafts!”

OK, then. I should get a new hobby.

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