a day in the life . . .

I’ve had a bad day.

I immediately checked my biorhythms and they were normal. Just a normal biorhythmic day for moi, so I can’t blame them this time. But, believe it or not, I took the door off the BobCat, again!

And I don’t think it was my fault this time!


Because after the first time I took the door off and my boss got a new door [after about 6 weeks of very cold and snowy snow-removing] the door never really fit right and didn’t really latch. I asked the maintenance guys twenty times if they could fix it. And they all assured me on different levels and in different ways that it “would be all right!” They said, “I don’t think you have to worry about it. The blade will clear the door. Don’t worry about it, just slam the door, etc, etc.”

Well, today, my friends, the door did not shut even when slammed and the blade did not clear the door. I hit a bump exactly at the precise moment that I raised the blade. The door bounced open and went flying!

And my biorhythms were normal!

I finally wrote an email to my boss:

Dear Brian –

I’m know I’m totally avoiding you today. I am so sorry about the BobCat door. Such an odd thing happened this morning. I little voice told me to go get a bungee cord and tie the door shut but I dismissed it. I wish I would have done that because the last two times I’ve used it the door didn’t latch at all, even when I tried to slam it. Ever since the door was off at Christmas time it’s been a little askew.

Anyway, I know I’m on your short list (that’s a swear word there).

I’ll talk to you in a few days when we both get over this.


So I’m sick at my stomach.

A friend of mine said, “Doesn’t that make you feel good because you were right and all those guys were wrong?” I said, “No, I’m sick about it. Even when I was right.”

So, now I’ll be moving two miles of snow with a shovel. I doubt they will even let me drive again. I doubt they will ever get another door.

I just want to scream.

*Because if they would have fixed the latch so that the door locked, things would be different.

*Because if I would have listened and got a bungee cord, things would have been different.

*Because if I would have just left the snow and put the BobCat away after I was done instead of heading out a second time, things would have been different.

But they aren’t different.

I am so not crazy about being me.

2 thoughts on “a day in the life . . .

  1. tracy

    So sorry. Mistakes happen…and this one is certainly NOT all on your head. Try to cut yourself some slack. Remember the hitch?

    Love you…and SO glad you are YOU!

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