busy week

This week I’ve got Monday [today] free. But I’m hoping my VT partner will set up appointments for after work. I can hope!

Tuesday: MS girls BB
Wednesday: MS wrestling invitational
Thursday: Freshman BB
Friday: Varsity and JV girls BB
Saturday: Varsity and JV girls BB and a dance!

And today I have GOT to get some groceries. I’ve said that for a week now. How I envy you guys in Ogden, Logan, Castle Rock and IF who can just run to the store. And actually find decent produce at fair prices. I’m so frustrated with the situation here.

The great thing that often gets me through the day is the salad bar at the lunch room. They have several veggies and fresh fruits every single day. 1% milk is available. I try hard to steer clear of the rest of the menu because I doubt it is actual food. It’s, like, double processed, or something. And everything, everything is tan. There isn’t a bright color on the whole steam tray counter!

January and February are such hard long cold months but I’m determined to get through them without gaining 10-15 pounds like I have several years in the past. So I’m keeping busy, I’ve got some crafts on the cabinet to do later today in case we don’t go visiting and I’m in the middle of a good book Peace Like a River.

Goal for the week: Stay at 143 or drop a titch. Exercise every single day. Start my RS lesson. Study the GD lesson and write a card or note to two people.

That should keep me out of the kitchen — not that there is any food there anyway. [Hubby is working out of town again this week. But the two days he was home he made pizza and pancakes.]

Oh, and I want to get another room spring cleaned.

Busy week!