When I came in to work this morning I found a little white plate with three huge red strawberries dipped in dark decadent chocolate on my desk. It was in a clear plastic party bag, had red and white curling ribbon and a nice Valentine card. Talk about presentation! This from my dear friend and co-worker of fifteen years, Becky.

She is, seriously, one of the nicest, most thoughtful people I’ve every known.

Those chocolate covered strawberries aren’t on my diet, but I ate them anyway and enjoyed every single minute!

My hubby may not realize it’s Valentine’s Day, but my good friend does. She makes all the difference in the world! [I slipped out a box of chocolates and a card to the work truck last night so he’d find them on his way to Rawlins for his work week.]

Yah, pretty depressing sometimes, but I’m going to try not to think about it too much.

Speaking of not thinking about it too much. . . I watched a movie last night and cried my eyes out. Nights in Rodanthe.

Sometimes reality hurts too much.

But, I’m not going to think about it.

BTW! 141.5 two mornings in a row!